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14 Mar

I went to the Nickelback concert  earlier this week expecting some good music and a great show. And it was both of those for sure. But what I didn’t expect was to hear the first two lines of the first song and not be able to hold back the tears. They opened with the song  Photograph. In the background on the screen were random photos of friends sharing good times. Of people having fun, of those random moments that u catch on camera.  In my mind I saw my photographs. Photos taken from long ago when life was simple. Her in the photos. Me in the photos. Because those photos now tell a different story that what they did a year ago.  Those photos used to be a bunch of girls young and carefree enjoying life without a care in the world. They showed friends simply enjoying each other’s friendship. Now when I look at those photographs I see a completely different  story. I see people whose life will forever be changed before they are ready. I see a girl with a different thought process and a changed  view on life. I see what the future holds for them and I’m fearful for them. I want to shout out to them to stop and hold on and be present because you are living on borrowed time.  You don’t know it but ur lives will be changed forever long before they should.  

I went to that concert expecting a good time, nothing more. And I was completely caught off guard.  The moments I think will be hard seem to turn out ok lately. I can prepare myself for them and work through it but it’s moments like this when I don’t see it coming that  I’m reminded that this is far from over. Cuz there are times I think it is. I think I’ve passed the hump and I’m going to be able to just look back fondly and its over. Not the missing but the sobbing. And then moments like this bring me back to the fact that it isn’t. 

To be honest though, I don’t want it to end completely because the day I stop missing her and remembering her and longing for her presence with be reason enough to start again. 

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