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This must be what life is like with no grandparents around…….

16 Aug

Where have I been, people have been asking. Well, I’m here and there, but nowhere really.
We were lucky enough to get a seasonal site this summer and have been spending weeks on end at the lake. Yes, that’s right, 5 people living in a 300 square foot trailer for most of the past 6 weeks. And if that isn’t enough, we have been lucky enough to have visitors! Some stay for the day, others stay over night. So, that is now 7 people in a 300 square foot space? Yup, that types out as crazy as it has been.
For the most part we have had a great summer. This is definitely a summer where we’ve made a lot of memories, grown closer and spent the most time together ever. I actually haven’t had one day, not ONE day, this summer where I have had no children!! With two sets of grandparents in the same town, I think that’s the longest stretch ever and believe me I am feeling it. But with school starting for myself next week, I’m also very thankful for every minute that we have had together this summer.
So anyways, with space limited, there has been literally nowhere to hide to focus on writing a blog post. These kids are everywhere and they are über concerned when they haven’t said my name or needed me to do something for them every 4 minutes, apparently. Add in the fact that the only electronic device we have to share between the 5 of us is the iPad. Oh yeah, baby M whose 2, has already made it known that she also NEEDs the iPad.
Also factor in a terrible Internet connection that has been incredibly slow up here and you have a recipe for not reading, commenting or posting blog posts. I think about it every day and have actually written a few down on regular paper (remember paper?), so once I get myself, my iPad and my time back to me, I should have a few posts ready to go.
Well, the timer is dinging telling me my turn is up so I gotta hit publish before someone swipes it.


Happy 6th birthday A

4 Jul

Today A will celebrate her 6th birthday. I can not believe it was 6 years ago today that she came into our lives. She came into our lives in a whirlwind of activity which may explain why she herself is a whirlwind of sorts.
We had sold our house 2 months prior and were in the process of having one built to be moved into town. In between the packing and moving and cleaning, my grandfather had also passed away 2 months prior,so we had all his stuff and house to deal with as well. Somehow we managed to get it all done and moved in with my mother in law for the first 4 months of her life.
Looking back now, it sounds just as crazy as it seemed back then. With all that on my plate, it was no wonder the post partum set in. I would be lying if I sat here and said things were all roses and I fell in love with her at first sight. It pains me to say that even to this day, but we had a long 2 years before I looked at her and actually ‘felt’ the love that I knew I had for her.
Fast forward 4 years and here we are today. This girl is an amazing girl despite all the crap she had to deal with from me. my family tells me she is exactly like me and there used to be a time when that would drive me crazy to hear. Now, when I hear that, I think “man, I hope so because this is an amazing girl and if I’m anything like her, then I’m a very lucky person”.
She has a heart of gold, she’s a helper and loves to take care of smaller people or animals. She’s a great big sister, showing incredible patience for her age. She wears her heart on her sleeve in that when she is happy, the whole world can look at her and know it, and when she’s not, well, you will know that too! She has a temper that if provoked will send even the strongest kid running, but at the same time she can be so generous and kind. She’s a prankster like her dad. She’s a dancer and piano player and loves to be on stage for both.
She’s beautiful both inside and out and I couldn’t be prouder to call her my daughter. Look out world, this girl is gonna make sure people knows who she is.
Happy birthday A
Love mommy

OutGrow, OutPlay consignment sale review

24 Apr

This weekend was the Outgrow Outplay sale, as i had previously mentioned in Friday’s post, and I am happy to report back that i made out pretty good!! I made a little over $200.00 after I pay the entrance fee and the commission is taken off. Not too bad. I had around $440 total sales value and I sold $305.50. My goal was to make $150 so doing better than that made me quite happy. The last sale I made just over $100, and next time I will do even better than both these ones I think!

Being an hour away from the sale, its hard to go in one day and deliver, go in the next day to shop and go in the closing day to pick up the leftovers. At around $25 a trip for gas these days, that cuts into my profits quite heavily. Continue reading

Oops…..he did it again!!!

24 Mar

Jacob: “Mom, do you have more ambition than good sense?”

Internally I panic. What does he mean? Why is he asking? What has he seen? What has he heard? No problem I think, I can handle this. Finally I say, “I think so Jacob. Why do u ask?”

Jacob replies “oh, I just wanted to use ambition in a sentence.”

Clearly….I do not then! Was just an 8 year old question, why do I keep falling for this….


Moment of awesome #2

22 Mar

It was supposed to be “moment of awesome monday” so I apologize for posting today. I stole this from a friend but when she told me I was like oh yeah, that is really an moment of awesome.
We were reminiscing about the snooze button before we had kids. She said she really missed being able to hit the snooze and get a quick 8 minute power nap. Unfortunately her baby was now her alarm clock and a crying baby can’t be silenced for 8 minutes while you take the time to wake up your body. So this weeks moment is being able to hit the snooze button and steal a few more minutes of sleep or take the time to wake up on your own. Ahh the good old’ days.

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