My un-magical moments from Disney.

21 Feb

Disney was wonderful, magical  and great but even Disney’s magic can’t erase the mind and heart.

I cried myself to sleep on three different nights while away. The first night was because i felt so guilty that i was enjoying this wonderful holiday with my kids and my family and she never will get that opportunity. The second was because being away was so wonderful and magical it was easy to forget everything going on at home. But at the end of the day the realization that when I return home things were going to be unfortunately exactly the same as when i left, was too much. I can leave but things are still the same wherever I am in the world. The third was because i never chose this path in life. Im always hearing and reading how we choose our paths in life. But I never chose this path. Yes, I have a choice in how i make the journey down it, but i never chose this path to make the journey on. It was chosen for me.

Despite all that, we had such an amazing vacation with memories made to last a lifetime. I look forward to sharing all my wonderful memories too. That is so much bigger and takes longer, but its coming and i think you will all be surprised and warmed throughout when i post my favourite picture of the whole vacation, which won’t be an ordinary picture from DisneyWorld.

I just needed to get that off my chest first.


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