What makes the girls like the boys when your 10.

24 Jun

Last night as I lay beside my son before bed he says to me:

J: Mom, girls are really complicated.

Me: Yes, we are. Why what’s up?

J: Well, last year if you were the fastest runner that is who the girls liked.

Me: Oh really?

J: Yeah. And now this year it’s because of the clothes you wear and the things you say and how your hair is styled.

Me: Hmm. Well, what clothes do you need to wear for them to like you.

J: Not sure. Maybe like UnderArmor.

Me: Do you want me to buy you some UnderArmor clothes?

J: No. Not yet. I prefer if they don’t like me.

Phew. I guess. These kids are 10 years old. Going into Grade 5 in the fall.

But I have a feeling the rules won’t change much from here on out.


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