I’ve got a plan!

16 May


The girls and I have made a plan. We are having a benefit dance for the family to raise money to help cover costs of the funeral and to contribute to the kids trust fund.

It feels so good to have a plan. To be focused on something that is all about her. To be helping in some way.

As we were sitting there planning and thinking how we could raise the most money, I remembered seeing an episode of 2 Broke Girls where they used a crowdfunding website to raise money to purchase a new pair of designer jeans. I thought, I wonder if that really works and headed over to the site and created a profile and picked an arbitrary number as a goal and hit submit. While I knew I had given permission to access my facebook account, I didn’t realize it was posting to it publicly. The post went out. And people started to donate.

As of this morning we have reached $4650.00. I am in awe and completely overwhelmed by the generosity of others. I’ve always been thankful for having been born and raised in a small town and its in situations like this where the whole town has rallied together to support the benefit and pitch in and help each other out that I am truly thankful for that.

But sometimes we need to think bigger than us in our small bubble. Sometimes we need the help of a much wider audience.

I’ve posted the link to the fundraising site below. To all my fellow bloggers who take the time to read and interact if we could get this shared on a larger scale I would forever be grateful. To all my readers, same thing. Spread the word. Donate if you can. Let’s use the power of social media to make a lasting impact for these kids.


Click the link to go to the donation page.


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