7 Dec

Well I’m still here. Hangin in there, but to be honest, just barely. My life is a crazy mess right now and I never really ever thought I could be this busy. I leave the house at 6:15 am and am not back home till 5:00 pm. When I say home, I just mean in town limits. Usually there is hockey or piano or something else going on, especially right now with Christmas season, that sometimes, most days actually, we don’t walk in the door till 6:30 or 7. Time to get supper cooked and ate and then an hour of piano practice, homework or reading and it’s off to bed. So if you can only imagine how I am counting days, the hours, days weeks till I am finished-well multiply that wish by 1 million and you get the picture.
I literally have no time during the day to sit at the computer. There are days I check facebook quickly on coffee breaks and don’t even glance at the computer or phone once I arrive back on town. So yes I am still out there, but I am not around anywhere. I am writing right now at 4:15 am because that’s how messed up my sleep schedule has become too. I go to bed at 9 o’oclock…10 if I’m living on the edge and this is when I wake.
So today you got me, but be warned it isn’t a good me.
My son has a hockey tourney all day today. I can’t help but think back to last year and how much effort and work I put into this day when I was managing. It takes a lot of team work to pull these things together and I am very disappointed that I haven’t been able to be a bigger presence. I used to think there were only two types of parents, those who will help and those who won’t help. Now I realize there are parents who “can’t” help. In the future, I need to be more lenient of these parents and sympathetic to the fact that they just aren’t able to be there and help with everything. I mean, I have tried to keep active in the kids lives this year still. I may not be able to attend in person but I can prep baking or sandwiches at home to be delivered. I’ve made soup for the canteen at school.. So I’m not completely useless, it’s just a different kind of help for me than I’m normally used to. It’s definitely not anywhere near the level of volunteerism that I once was, but like I said this journey is almost over and hopefully I can get back to doing a few more of those things since I really enjoy helping out where my kids are concerned.
Darn it… Cut short, My official alarm just buzzed for me in the background so it’s off to the shower for me and get this day started.
I have a school break coming up in two weeks. I hope to spend some time on the blog, switch to self hosted and change things up a bit so you may hear from me again then.
Have a great holiday season friends and take care.


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