Back to School Meal Prep #freezercooking

30 Aug

Hi all. I know this week I’ve been kind of silent in terms of new posts, but I assure you I was busy!

I spent some time this week getting our freezer ready for back to school and the harvest season.

One thing I had made before was breakfast burritos and we enjoyed them so much, so those were first on my list to get ready.

I fried up 2 dozen eggs, fried onions, green peppers and mushrooms and added them all together for my final “egg mixture”. I also fried up 2 pounds of bacon and let cool and shredded a 907g block of cheddar cheese. Then I started putting it all together. After they are rolled up, I roll them in paper towel to absorb moisture while they are defrosting and lastly wrap in tin foil to preserve freshness in the freezer.


Next I made meat burritos. I browned ground beef, mixed in salsa and beans and rolled up with cheese.



I made a batch of cheese buns and regular buns for sandwiches too.


In addition to these newbies, I also made batches of chili, taco meat, plain ground beef, baked spaghetti as well as some desserts. I had a huge zucchini to be used up so i made 2 batches of  brownies, 4 lemon poppyseed zucchini loafs and a zucchini slice that i way underestimated how good it would be.

Doesn’t everything look soo good? I love the feeling at the end when I can look back at the freezer full of food, but I sure do not like the process of getting it that way!



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