How reading blogs makes an impact for me.

23 Jul

It never seems to fail that no matter what mood I am in, how I am feeling or secret thoughts I am thinking, whenever I need a boost or encouragement or support I will find a blog somewhere that someone has just written a post about it. Such was the case this morning when I stumbled upon this post on a friends Facebook news feed.

I had the worst every bedtime with my girls last nite. We rarely have issues at bedtime, mostly because we still lay with the kids, but last night that wasn’t helping and things blew up. Both were crying, mom and dad were yelling, it was a complete mess. I woke up this morning just emotionally exhausted from it all and feeling terrible.

As I was being hollered at for the millionth time before 11 am, I wanted to cry. I am not cut out for being at home with children full time. And summer is the worst to boot. My oldest daughter and I are two peas in a very tightly jammed overgrown pod. Our fuses are short and our tempers are hot. We’re passionate people as I call us on a good day, but today we’re just plain b*&$&es.

And then it dawned on me why I struggle so much with summer. Its because we lack routine. We lack structure. There is no breakfast time or designated snack times at our house over summer. So it seems that just about the time either one of us sits down to do something, one of us is interrupting the other for a variety of things. I need a drink, can you help me get this figured out, can I have a snack, can I call a friend…blah, blah. And then there’s the little one who conveniently needs her bum wiped as soon as possible after I have started any sort of food prep.

Both my daughter and I thrive in environments where we don’t have to be in charge of ourselves basically. We enjoy the regular transitions of a planned out day, we enjoy monotony of weekdays and we enjoy the comfort of a schedule. So why don’t I make a schedule for summer? The long and the short is because its summer! Summer is supposed to be carefree, relaxed and filled with impromtu dates. And some days that is what happens and that is great and we love it. Busi-ness and activity, planned or not, is great. It’s just the rest of the days that take it’s toll. I’m just not disciplined enough to set out a schedule and stick to it. I can make schedule’s like nobody’s business. Just have a little trouble following through. Because of those days we get thrown off. And then everything will fall apart.

Anyways, reading that post has given me a huge sense of relief and comfort as I know there are other moms out there right now who are struggling just like me. We don’t love our kids any less, we just find it hard and are OK with admitting that. We all just want to feel less alone in our struggles. I am thankful for the many bloggers that open up with their stories so we don’t feel alone. Whatever it is we are dealing with.




2 Responses to “How reading blogs makes an impact for me.”

  1. El Guapo July 24, 2013 at 11:19 am #

    Hope you find a return that has plenty of fun in it, and leaves you all happy and tired!

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