Minecraft musings

19 Jul

Ok the conversation in our house gets a little weird at times due to the popular game minecraft. Both my kids have taken a liking to this game and they have tried to teach me all about it, but I’m too old or something cuz to me it just seems ridiculous.
If it isn’t bad enough, they also listen to music that has had the lyrics changed to minecraft themes. Still, sometimes what I over hear sounds like something out of a medieval/futuristic bizzaro script.
Everyday get worse and worse and now here I will share them with you so I no longer have to enjoy alone.
J: Hey, A – I got a horse in my house!
A: (big deep breath in and huge smile) did it spawn?
J: sigh, no……..But I did have 4 saddles so what did you expect.

Enjoy it as much as I do.
You’re welcome.


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