Why husbands need to be more sympathetic..

14 Jul

I am sitting here alone in my room with the door closed and the radio playing, loudly, in the background. Even still I hear the screaming in the next room.
And I’m laughing my ass off.
For years, since the kids were invented around here, my husband has been employed outside the home. I worked too but less daytime hours so I shouldered the majoirity of the child rearing. Needless to say by the time he got home from work, my rope was at the end. My patience was shot. My husband never got it. He always thought I was being too hard on them. But there is only so much one can take.
So, now that he is home full time both with me AND the kids, he’s singin a different tune alright. When I used to yell at the kids to pick up their crap, he would defend them and say maybe if you just tried asking nicer they would be more willing to help. Right, cuz that was the first time EVER I had asked them. Never mind the 1 million times prior. Gee, why didn’t I just think to ask politely.
You see before, he was the one asking for that one millionth and ONE time and magically they would be willing to do it. So I am just loving listening to him ask along side me all one million times. Where’s that asking politely crap now honey?
He used to come home and say, why does this house look like this? Now, I watch as he tries effortlessly throughout the day to tidy up one room after another only to have the previous one destroyed before he even gets back. And, I’m loving that too.
Wake up men all around the world. It is that bad. It is that hard to be at home. It is that annoying to listen to children fighting minute after minute and it is that impossible not to wanna shoot your head off by 3 pm in the afternoon because you just want some silence.
I now ask him prior to cooking each and every meal what he would like me to cook. Instead of hearing him complain we just ate this or that or that he doesn’t feel like that tonite, he’s now sympathizing with the fact that just jotting food on the table is the challenge in itself.
I’ve said for years, tell me what to cook and I will cook it, I just can’t think of ideas anymore. Ad when I did try new ideas I had at least three people complaining about this new “fancy”dinner I cooked. Can’t we just have the old regulars. Uh huh. Yup. That’s why I went through all the trouble. To get that warm pissy attitude.
I love hearing him say, you just did laundry. Yup, again. Your finally seeing it..


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