Summer lovin’ – 2013.

12 Jul


Ah, life at the lake.
I absolutely love spending my summers up here at the lake. The kids have so much fun swimming, boating, tubing, fishing and playing with friends. They roast mallows by the fire before bed. They have bike races during the day. They swim, play in the sand, eat snacks, fight, makeup and play some more. Between the 3 families up here there is 10 kids under 10 so while things can get hairy at times there is usually enough distraction to keep fighting to a minimum.
For us moms, sitting in the sun visiting over coffee when we wake up, packing coolers of snacks for the beach, loading everyone up to get to the beach and then finally relaxing once we do get to the beach is how we spend our days. We listen to the radio, talk about the local gossip, or just sit in silence enjoying the quiet.
Tomorrow we head home for a few days, back to the regular everyday grind. I was looking forward to going home for a bit until it was tomorrow. I can’t wait to head back up again as soon as we can.


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