End of year teacher gifts

25 Jun

It’s not too late to get a cool year end teacher gift if you haven’t already found one. I was searching last weekend on the internet and on pinterest and have compiled a list of some of my favorites. Some ideas were new and some are just good ol’ standby’s.
Last year I gave my kids’ teachers a beach towel with a magazine, a bottle of sunscrreen and some fuzzy peach candies all wrapped up. Everything they needed for a day at the beach during their summer break.
This year I have 2 teachers on opposite ends of the spectrum. One has been teaching for over 15 years probably and the other is brand new to teaching. One lives in town and the other in the city. One is married, one is single. Still, I think I have come up with some ideas that will work for both anyway.
1. Tim Horton’s Gift Card and Travel Mug
No matter if their drive is 1 hour or 15 minutes, after the winter we had last year, a warm cup of coffee to accompany the drive is essential. I used to have an abundance of travel mugs in my cupboard and would never have thought to give anyone one more, but when you find a good one, you can never have too many. So invest in a decent travel mug and they will love it.

2. Wine or cocktail mix with a personalized glass.
This year I gave my kids’ piano teacher and wine glass I found online that had the notes graduated on it so whatever level it was filled to, if you “tinked” the side, that is the note it would play. I thought it screamed piano teacher and I added a nice bottle of wine from a local winery with it. She seemed to think it was pretty neat too.

3. Flash Drives
This is something I never would have thought of before today, but when I read it I thought, yes – that is a great idea. As a student, I was always carting notes and assignments back and forth and so I can imagine teachers could make use of it for updating projects or storing lesson plans as well.

4. Movie Theatre passes
Who doesn’t love going to the movies? And while we live in a small town that is fortunate to have a theatre, just not the big fancy ones, its such a treat to go out to a show. I have given these in the past to teachers with kids as I just think its such a great thing to do as a family. But cheap it is not,  so any way I can help them spend more time with the kids the better. Even if their kids are grown and left, who doesn’t enjoy going out to the movies with friends!

5. Photo Memory Cards
This is a newbie gift idea for me as well. But it makes perfect sense. She probably enjoys taking pictures of the class trips or events around the school so the more storage, the better.

6. Gift Cards
For anything. Itunes, kobo, Kindle, restaurants, Staples, Dollarama (for those reward bins they have to stock), and Walmart to name a few. The list is endless really. Find out what they like and where they shop and you got it made.

7. Nothing at all
This was a great welcome to allow you off the hook if it really just isn’t in your budget this year to spend any extra money. Remember that your teacher gets paid for his or her time and a simple handwritten thank you is still a great gift if thats all you can afford. Appreciation doens’t have to be monetary.

Whatever you decide about teacher’s gifts, there is always something (or nothing) to pick up last minute.


2 Responses to “End of year teacher gifts”

  1. El Guapo July 3, 2013 at 9:27 pm #

    Or a digital picture frame that can do a slide show of all the pictures stored on it…

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