My motivational quote that kept me going all year.

24 Jun

This past weekend I ran in a local 5k run after joining a running club 8 weeks ago. Running is not a new sport for me. I started running in Grade 10 with a group of friends for fun and I have been doing it off and on for about 20 years since. Usually summer i spend running and winter i spend doing…well, nothing really.

I think the route turned out to be 4.7km and I finished it in 30 mins and some seconds. I don’t usually keep track of time when I run so I’m not sure how that is in the grand scheme of my running career but I was happy enough with it. I pushed myself right to the end and tried to stay on pace the whole way. I did have to walk for about a block but got right back into it and finished up strong.

The run was symbolic of my last year of school. I started out with a bang, tapered off around March and came back and finished up strong. It just goes to show that determination and perseverance pays off. Over the past year I repeated the following motivational quote to myself numerous times. “Nothing worth having comes easy”. And it certainly wasn’t easy at all. But knowing that in the end it would all be worth it, I stayed focus on finishing. Just like the run. I knew that once I got to that finish line, everything I was feeling along the way would be gone and I would be so proud that I had completed the challenge.

And I am proud of myself for the run. And Im not a thin girl or close to being in good shape. But I spent the time preparing and fought hard mentally throughout to finish and it was worth it in the end. During the run I repeated my motivational quote and tried to remind myself of the bigger picture. When I got tired of that I sang Cruise by Florida Georgia Line w/ Nelly! Whatever I could to take my mind off my legs by that time.

So now schools out, the run is over and the sun is actually shining today! Let summer time begin.

What successes are you guys proud of over the past year? 


2 Responses to “My motivational quote that kept me going all year.”

  1. El Guapo July 3, 2013 at 9:29 pm #

    My motivational quote would probably be “Don’t do anything stupid. Again.”
    Yours is better.


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