Life lesson #109 – not so small town girl after all.

21 Jun

Today was my last official day of classes at school. Starting in the fall I will be off to the hospital to put what I have learned into action.

It was a bittersweet day as I say goodbye to the daily 2 hour commute to the city. While this was not always fun and at times I hated it, especially with the winter we had around here last year, but in so many ways I really did enjoy it. I love the access to all the shopping, Walmart, The Bulk Barn, the malls. It’s just so convenient to run out to pick up exactly what you need and not feel like you have to buy the whole store because goodness knows when you will be back in and even if its next week, will you have time to stop at this particular store that day. I finally mastered the art of checking out at Walmart with $36.00 worth of items. If there was something I needed to run in for the next day, no biggie, I’ll stop again.

I will miss the variety of people you see on a daily basis. I think that is the thing I will miss the most and is part of the reason I enjoyed working in the city a few years ago as well. When you live in a small town, you may get a new coworker when someone quits, but chances are you already know that person so not really too new in the end. The faces are all familiar, you know them already.

I love getting to know new people. I love hearing about everyone’s different story and learning about their life and what has brought them to where they are today. I love the options you have when a relationship doesn’t work out. There is always someone else to visit with or talk to. Not so much again in a small town. If a relationship (friendship) fails, you have to still see that person everyday and run in the same circles with them so there is really no escaping them. And let me tell you, having immortal enemies in a small town is exhausting.

I will miss the silence while I drink my coffee and listen to morning radio. I can’t count the amount of times I found myself laughing out loud and talking back to the radio. I even started to become a frequent texter and they even called me once to see if they could share my story on the air live! For a brief moment, I was a celebrity.

I’ll miss the beautiful tree-lined streets, the quaint little houses in the older part of the city, the quiet neighborhoods blocks behind the high traffic areas.

Fall set in in September and the leaves rained down on my walk to school one day. This became the setting for my walk to and from school for the next few months.

Fall set in in September and the leaves rained down on my walk to school one day. This became the setting for my walk to and from school for the next few months.

For a brief time I actually believed that I should move there. And maybe someday I will. I always thought I preferred the small town life and don’t get me wrong in many ways I do. Especially where my kids are concerned. But more and more as I age, I find it isolating. I miss new people, new faces and new stories. I hate the limited options of basically everything in a small town.

But at the same time, I really love the quiet, the safety, the comfort of knowing everyone, the familiarity.

I learned so much this past year about myself as an individual again and realizing I may actually leave my hometown one day was one that surprised me the most.


One Response to “Life lesson #109 – not so small town girl after all.”

  1. myjampackedlife June 21, 2013 at 9:45 pm #

    i miss seeing my best friend on a weekly basis. Now there will be many miles between us and those visits will be fewer and farther between. And i really hate that the most.

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