REVOLT! week 3.

29 May

I mentioned a few weeks ago that I had joined the REVOLT program and was following the program along side with a bunch of other bloggers. We have a private facebook page set up for us to write and get inspiration and track others’ as well as our own progress. Nichole Huntsman, who is the creator and founder of the REVOLT program is always available to answer any questions and provide us with helpful advice or keep us motivated.

The program comes set up with meal plans and work out videos that are super challenging but great to follow along to. I did a lower body sculpt last week that kicked my butt (literally) and I had trouble walking for 3 days. My favorite part about these at home sculpts is that they take about 20-25 minutes but they kill your muscles. And for an aging lady like myself, maintaining and preserving muscle mass is crucial. Not only do our bones lose density and become more brittle once we hit 35, but our muscle mass also starts to drop off if we don’t work to preserve it. Those are the health benefits of muscle mass but having lean muscle mass allows you to consume more calories during the day since your body will burn more at rest than if you have minimal lean muscle mass. So for me, that is the reason I prefer to do strength training over regular cardio. Hey, we’ve all got reasons we prefer the exercise we do and that is mine.

The program also has cardio days built in and rest days. Another huge bonus is the bonus day, where one day a week  you get a free day to enjoy your favorite foods so you don’t feel deprived.

My progress on the program has been limited. I have been following the workouts as well as training for a 5K run in June. So I’m getting in my exercise. I am struggling with the meal plans, as I do on most programs. Food and myself have issues. I only get encouragement and motivation when I participate in the discussions on facebook and I appreciate that so much. There’s nothing more discouraging from someone trying to shame you in to staying on track. We fall off, we ebb and flow, and its nice to know I’m not alone. This week REVOLT is offering a one week free trial if anyone is interested in giving  it a try. I promise you will want more!



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