Moment of Awesomeness – Living the life

22 May

This past Saturday night I had the wonderful opportunity to get together and have some drinks and visit with some friends. Some of those friends were new friends and some of those friends were old friends. As I was sitting there visiting and laughing and reminiscing, I got to thinking just how wonderful this life is that we are living.

Some of us have known each other since high school and while our lives have all taken different roads, they sometimes intersect on evenings like Saturday and its like we are those 16 year old kids again. When I look at my friends and their husbands, I still see the young kids we once used to be. I think back to all the conversations we had about what we want our lives to look like when we are older, how many kids we want to have, what we want to be doing, the kind of moms and dads we wanted to be. What it will be like when we are like 36, cuz back then that was old and unimaginable. And now its like we’ve fast forwarded and we are there.

I look at their families and the kids that everyone is having and raising and I just think..this is it. This is the life that we always talked about when really were those young kids. I watch each new young family add a new addition and its just like everything is falling into place.  We all have the families we wanted, we’re all working to support that family and we are all enjoying every moment of it, even if it is rough and tough at times.

We’re really doing it.

And its so much fun.

Sharing it with those people who I shared my hopes and dreams with in the first place is even better.

Saturday was a moment of Awesomeness that will be forever etched in my mind.


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