February break – not so relaxing, but very productive

21 Feb

This week is February break in Saskatchewan. The kids and myself are both out of school for the entire week. Relaxing is the only thing on my kids’ agenda with days wasted away catching up on video games and hanging out with friends. My week, unfortunately, is full of catch up tasks. Its now Thursday of the week and after making a list and writing down every last chore no matter how big or small, that I wanted to get done this week, I am finally ticking things off.

I realize once again that I work better when I have a short time frame, a long list and no distractions, i.e. kids. At the beginning of the week, and actually starting last week knowing I was going to have a chance to get some things done this week, I started to make a list. Every phone call that needs to be made, every appointment that needed to be scheduled or rescheduled in some cases, every item I wanted to bake, every correspondence I needed to make, every email I needed to write.

This morning I finally had a chance to sit down and start marking those things off the list. I have accomplished so much today and I am so relieved. And happy. But it once again reinforced how I like to, NEED to work. When I don’t make lists, I’ll typically think of something I need to do, then make a mental note and never return to it again for 3 weeks. Once its written down for me to stare at and see physically that it is still there waiting, I get right to it.

I also find comfort in having a long list and going through it like crazy. I enjoy the fact that i only have so much time to do all of it and it all needs to get done that day. I work more efficiently when under pressure.

After a long day of tiny chores and odd jobs, I can now focus on two big assignments due for school. My mind is not distracted by the little things nagging at the back of my mind.

The break was truly needed and I have made good use of its time. Thank goodness because there is only 1 day left!



One Response to “February break – not so relaxing, but very productive”

  1. CT February 21, 2013 at 8:55 pm #

    It’s important to be productive, but it’s also important to relax! Don’t burn out.

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