My favorite TV couples in honor of Valentine’s Day romance.

14 Feb

My friend over at Feisty Frugal and Fabulous did a neat little post about timeless tv couples in honor of valentines day coming up. I loved her list and while we share one of the same favorites, thats about where it stops. So, I decided to make my own list of  couples from my youth that remind me of love.

1. Ross and Rachel

Source: via Alexandra on Pinterest

I’ve mentioned before how much I loved this show, cuz who didn’t growing up in the nineties?!! So, it’s a no brainier that I chose a couple from Friends. While Ross and Rachel are the crowd favorite, Monica and Chandler stole the show at the end.

2.Joey and Kaitlyn -Degrassi Junior High

Source: via Alex on Pinterest

Everybody wants somethin’…they’ll never give up!………..I know, right? Who in their 30’s doesn’t remember the angst and love between these two. We all thought they’d make it too –  until he decided to sleep with Tessa Campinelli…oh Joey!!

3. Dan and Roseanne Connor

Source: via Jennifer on Pinterest

This, along with Friends and Seinfeld, is one of those shows I know I will still watch when I am 60. I loved this show. The humor was so witty and everything was taken in stride and made light of. For a serious person like me, this is how I longed to be able to handle situations. To me this show proved that the ability to laugh at whatever life throws you will get you through anything. Families don’t have to be perfect or have it all, but as long as they can laugh at what they are, they’ll make it.

4. Donna and David – Beverly Hills 90210

Source: Uploaded by user via Genevieve on Pinterest

“Bev hills”s as our group used to refer to it, was so big when we were teens. We had posters of all the guys in our rooms and would gather as a group to watch. Sme of my friends were die hards and continued on with it once it came back on years later, but to me, it just wasn’t the same. This show carried us through alot of the teenage milestones along with the characters and will forever be a part of those memories.

5. Vicki and Jake

Another world was the very first soap opera I ever watched and I was in love with Jake. It used to come on over the lunch hour so when I was old enough to start going home by myself for lunch this show became THE lunch routine. I can still picture them riding into the boardroom on Jakes Harley to take over the company!! I never did stop to wonder how he got that bike up to the boardroom, they were badass and I loved it.

6. Elizabeth and Randy Macho Man Savage

Source: via Crystal on Pinterest

I know, I know. Wrestling. Yuk. But this was back before wrestling was sucky! Seriously, there was a time like that. I swear. This was when the story outside the ring wasn’t as important as what happened in the ring. My most memorable moment from the two was of course when she came out in her tinie bikini to distract Andre the giant during his match with Hulk Hogan and the Randy and Hulk tag team was created. Wrestlemania used to be a huge event and it would go to VHS and me and brother would rent it all the time and watch it over and over. I had more pictures of these wrestlers that NKOTB, and that says alot!! While these were the favorite couple, my heart was always with Jake the Snake. Seems like Jake is trending here, maybe subconsciouly they played a part in my sons name?!

7. Rob Lowe and Anyone, Noone, who cares, just Rob Lowe

Source: via Lucy on Pinterest

Not a couple but one of the first crushes I ever had on a movie star was none other than Rob Lowe. Rob Lowe has been hot for 20 years now. To look at him today, he is still handsome as ever but to a young 14 year old girl, Rob Lowe in this movie made me fall in love. It was probably one of his first movies and to add to that, he was hockey player. The movie is called Young Blood. He had to be included in my list, I loved him and this movie and it was watched regularly. I bet if I watched it today, wait as I say that and my mind pictures him, I realize its still just as clear in my mind now.

Smokin’ hot.
That’s all i got for this year. I love reminiscing about my earlier years and I hope this took some of you back too. Have a Happy Valentine’s Day with that special someone in your life.


2 Responses to “My favorite TV couples in honor of Valentine’s Day romance.”

  1. Tenille Lafontaine (@FeistyFrugal) February 16, 2013 at 10:03 pm #

    Ah Vicky and Jake! Yes! So much better than boring Marley!

  2. Teri February 14, 2013 at 6:54 am #

    I LOVED Jake and Vikki!!! And then when Ryan Harrison came along I loved HIM!!!!

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