New! Eggo Minis from Kellogg’s..and more

25 Jan

Why is everything so much more cute when it’s minisized? I don’t really know the answer, but I do know that Eggo waffles are NO exception.


How adorable are these little things!!
My kids love ’em, which is great since that’s who they are designed for. They love that they can eat them one at a time. They can stack them and make a syrup sandwich, but they especially love that there are more tiny holes to fill with syrup.

When my kids were babies I frequently used frozen Eggo waffles to help with teething. I think these new mini sized version will be even better as they will be easier for little hands to hold on to and less will be wasted. The possibilities are endless with these cute little guys.

While my kids are loving this new breakfast treat for kids, I am also enjoying another new product from Kellogg’s geared more for an adult palate. And not just regular adults, but adults on the go. Both of which I am!!

Photo Feb 22, 8 44 18 AM
Kellogg’s® Special K® Flatbread Breakfast Sandwich Sausage, Egg and Cheese are the perfect answer for an early morning commuter who doesn’t want to wake the house making a full meal breakfast or for someone who has only minutes to get their breakfast assembled before heading out the door.
Just pop in the microwave for 2 minutes, grab and go. I love that I get to have such a hearty breakfast and it only takes minutes. Well done Kellogg’s. These cook well, travel well, and tasted great.

The breakfast sandwiches also come in Egg with Vegetables and Cheese flavor as well. I look forward to trying them as well.
Kellogg’s is always revamping their product line to stay current with trends and shifts in the market. I think these latest two products are right on the money and are a hit in our house. I encourage you to give them a try in yours as well.


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