Cost of a Parent’s Night Out

16 Jan

Most times when my husband and I are interested in having some sort of socialization with our friends, we do it at our house or their families house. Basically, the cost for that interaction is as cheap as the bottle of wine. Or two. Or sometimes 3!

But last night, our local bar was having their annual customer appreciation night and since we haven’t been physically “out on the town” for ……..well, I can’t even remember the last time, I thought it might be nice to grab a sitter and go down and have some drinks and visit.

Here’s a rundown of what that nice little night cost me.

1. Because we were going for supper and were leaving at 5:30 and I only got home at 4:30, I didn’t have enough time to make a supper, feed them and get them ready so I bought supper for them. J had a sub – $3.92. A and M had chicken strips and dry ribs – $8.38. We were taking all my kids and my sitter over to our friends’ house so all the kids could play so I bought snacks for the kids to take over. $3.76

2. Drinks at the bar – I suppose this is one area that will differ for everyone and easily controlled with a limit. I’ll say $40.

3. The sitter – I don’t have many reasons to get a sitter due to having two sets of grandparents in town so when I do, I like to make sure I’ve made it worth their while. For the 5 hours we were away, we paid $35.00

Total for a parents night out $91.06


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