Anyone want 3 kids?

14 Jan

What exactly is wrong with children these days? I can’t tell you how many times I have to tell my kids to do something before it gets done. And even before I ask them, my defenses are up knowing Im gonna her whining and complaining.

Tonite I lost my patience and my temper with them, and normally I always feel incredibly bad after and apologize, knowing full well it will happen again sometime. Its just part of my personality and I really don’t have the time or energy to change me right now. But today I don’t feel bad.

Don’t come to me with your petty little problems expecting me to fix them, then cry and freak out when you don’t like my response. Don’t come and tell me something which requires me to clean up, laughing about it and think I will think its funny too. I have other things to do around this house besides run after you cleaning up your messes. Don’t sit on the couch and tell me you want a drink. Get up and get it yourself. Don’t cry because I forgot to give you a fork at supper. The goddamn cutlery drawer is less than 3 feet away. Pretty sure you can reach it too.

Oh ask them to clean it themselves? yeah. Tried that. What’s worse than a cup of milk spilled on the floor? A pail of dirty water used in the process of trying to clean it up. Never mind. I’ll do it myself.


I feel better now.


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