Live the life you are comfortable with and give up the competition #blogboost

11 Jan

Have you ever wondered how other people are able to afford all they have or ever find yourself listlessly pining for all the luxuries others enjoy?

Its so hard when the “Jones”’ are the neighbors down the street, a family member, close friends, or maybe all three. What you do need to realize, is that not all things are as they appear. Im certainly not implying that those who have lots, can’t afford it, but not all can. Those are the ones I’m talking about today. They are the people who have no outward respect towards money. They purchase things you know they can’t afford, and they purchase things they know they need.

Do you ever wonder though?
I mean, maybe they are maxed out with the banks, but they still have everything in the end, so they must be paying it off somehow. They certainly can’t be financing everything? Can they?
It just boils down to what you are comfortable with as individuals. These are also people who don’t have a plan for retirement. They don’t believe in or are completely unaware of RRSP and other savings vehicles. They have a live now and forget tomorrow philosophy.
Who’s to say they are wrong?
Underneath all that jazz, they have a plan, just not a plan that im interested in buying into. Debt as a way of life, everyone has a mortgage, i could die tomorrow i might as well spend it now, and you can’t take it with you are all things I hear everyday.

I don’t have a robust bank account by any means, I don’t have college education funds full and ready to go for my kids, I don’t have my mortgage paid off. What I do have, is the desire to have it all. That is what is separating myself and my goals. I long to be debt free. But i also long for the knowledge behind it all. I love to read about personal finance, I love to have discussions and learn what others are doing. I love to hear other strategies. And I love to dream about it all.

I had a friend once say to me, “i don’t feel any different if i owe $400 on my line of credit or $4000.00. I thought I would care more, but I don’t”. I found myself thinking..hmm..maybe I wouldn’t either. But yes, yes i would.



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