Get it together self!!! #blogboost

11 Jan

Source: via LeAnne on Pinterest

Ok guys. Just a short post for this Saturday. I have a busy weekend ahead and an even busier week at school ahead of me.
After returning from a lengthy Christmas break that was supposed to get me energized and ready to come back at it, things are slowly falling apart it feels like. I received the lowest grade to date in what is one of the easiest classes, and to top it off yesterday I got a 0% on my chemistry lab!!
I have never got that in my whole life and to tell you the truth…I’m pissed as hell about it!!!
In this type of industry,labeling of patient identification or quality controls is critical. We were forewarned at the beginning of labs about this and I absolutely understand it and get it. That’s why I’m so pissed at myself that I missed it.
I went and talked to the instructor after and told her how upset I was with myself and told her that I see this is an area of focus for me. I knew coming in that this was going to be my biggest challenge. The attention to detail needed to work in a medical lab is obvious, I know it.
And I still freaking forgot and missed it!!!
With three midterms and a final next week, I’m going to hopefully get the blog posts planned out this weekend so I don’t fail at another goal.
Dammit self. Still so pissed!


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