January is National Hot Tea Month #blogboost

8 Jan

January is actually a lot of things Month. Apples and Apricots, Artichoke and Asparagus, National Mentoring, Bath Safety month, etc.. The list goes on and on. We really celebrate everything don’t we?

When i saw it was also National Hot Tea Month, I thought, yay! a way for me to talk about one of my favorite Christmas gifts I received this year and quite frankly one of the hottest trends I am seeing in my area right now. Hot Tea. There are many brands out there, but the one around here creating all the buzz is David’s Tea. They have over 150 loose leaf teas to choose from. So whatever your tastes are, there is sure to be something that you will find satisfying.

I bought my mother a sample pack of about 12 different flavors and she has been enjoying trying them all and finding out her favorites and what kind she enjoys and what kind she does not like. Fruity teas seem to be her thing. I, myself, am more inclined to spicy, earthy and nutty types of tea.

They have all varieties of tea from black, green, white, oolong, rooibos, mate and herbal. They have a tea of the month where they debut a new tea to add to their collection. April’s tea was birthday cake. Like yum!!

I sure hope this isn’t a sign that I am getting old. I remember my grandma always having a pot of tea on the go and not many others who were interested in sharing with her. A few of my friends and I were talking about tea once when another friend came over and shook her head and couldn’t believe we were talking about “tea”. But this is trendy tea, that makes it cool, right and not old ladyish?!

The fact that all the teas are calorie free make them a great addition to any diet, especially this time of the year. Not to mention the fact that this is January and with temps hovering around -20 degrees here, a cup of hot whatever is always in hand. Whether its trendy teas or the old standby by Red Rose, grab a cup of your favorite flavor and enjoy National Hot Tea.


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