January Goals – Blog and Personal #blogboost

7 Jan

I’m not normally a resolution setter, but this year I find myself just wanting to set some basic goals at the beginning of each month and looking back at the end and seeing what I’ve actually accomplished. Its so easy to just go along and gloss over those little changes you make everyday that can add up to a big change over time.

Blog goals

~Post everyday of January as part of the Ultimate Blog Challenge.

~Increase my traffic and gain 20 new followers

Personal Goals

~exercise twice per week and track calories on

~Im going to try out this “no spend” theory for the month. Only necessities will be purchased. Im not the greatest tracker so that may be a challenge Im not ready for yet. Perhaps my goal should have been to track spending.

~menu plan. Things were going so great when I did this September and October and then my old laziness set in and things fell apart.

I know this is a poor list, but its my first and I don’t want to jump in feet first and realize I’ve bitten off more than i can chew and feel like a failure. Looking forward to some challenges.


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