And we’ve turned another corner…#blogboost

6 Jan

Things move fast when you’re a kid these days. My son is 8 and a half now and he’s discovered texting. He’s been using my old ipod to play some games and we have Wi-Fi at the house so while playing around with it, he stumbled upon iMessage.

I have to say I completely enjoy being able to send him a message quickly in the morning before school or to get instant notification of when he’s home after school. We are actually toying with the idea of getting him his own cellphone for his birthday in March. Not a real, fancy blackberry or anything but one of those kid phones where they have preprogrammed in numbers and they can text on them.

With them being on their own a bit more this year, he’s constantly calling grandpa for a ride, calling my cellphone to let me know he’s home or sending me messages. I’d like to be able to get ahold of him as easily.

In my eyes, this is a big milestone for us and for him. It marks the beginning of him without us, if that makes sense to anyone. Up until now, every single event and action they made has been under my direct supervision. Little by litte each day, he is stepping out on his own to do things, he’s going places on his own and is gradually starting his life separate from us. While that is extremely nerve racking, it’s exciting to a point to. Him having a cell phone or some way of mobile communication I think will help make the transition a little easier on all of us.

Things are so different from when I was a kid. Something as simple and as common as a cellphone in this day and age is something that would never have happened in my day. I can protest or I can adapt and move on with times. For me, its about whatever is easy, makes our lives simpler and safer and what fits for our lifestyle. This does I think.


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