Video games and my sanity.

5 Jan

Christmas is less than 1 week away and already Im scared. You see, when all the dust settles on Christmas morning, left behind will be 2 ipad minis for my oldest two!

So what is so scary about that you may ask? Any parent who’s ever been in charge of policing video or computer time, understands the work for me that is coming with the addition of these wonderful electronics.
Game Boys

My kids, most specifically, my oldest, would love nothing more than to sit and play apps and games all day long. I have often wondered how long he could play consistently before getting bored. My guess is 3 months. Thats all day every day and still would take him 3 months of no outside interaction and I bet he still isn’t bored, just would start looking for a friend to play with him after that. Its brutal. And because of that, Im constantly having to ride his arse about it.

I set a limit of 2 hours a day. I know that sounds crazy much right? but that works out to about an hour in the morning and then an hour after school. You would think this would be plenty, but trust me, I am still fighting with him to get off the damn thing!!

I wish i was more of that organized parent who could keep a time chart and a reward chart that he could earn extra time for helping, but in reality, that’s just another thing I am policing and frankly, I’m too lazy for that. I’ve tried it many times many ways in the past and it works good for about 2 weeks, then the both of us lose interest and it becomes another chore for me to do.

It’s not the gaming itself that annoys me. Its the fact that my son will literally turn down invitations to activities with friends because it won’t be playing games. He would miss out on his whole life if I let him. He’d wake up one day, be 18 and have no idea how to function out on his own in the real world. He’d end up living with me for the rest of his life!!

And as much as I love him, I do not want that! So, wish me luck this break dealing with a couple of ipad mini’s this Christmas break.

Update: I originally wrote this a week before Christmas but never hit publish. Its now a week after and I was right on all accounts. They are going crazy for these ipads and I find myself having to physically take them away at the end of the time limit. Its going to be a challenge, but so are many things parenting related aren’t they?!!


One Response to “Video games and my sanity.”

  1. Teri January 5, 2013 at 12:36 pm #

    This is exactly why my daughter’s have old fashioned cell phones with no internet access. If they had access to FB/internet, they’d never get ANYTHING accomplished. As it is now, I have to pry the phone out of their hands at 10:00 due to the ‘no texting after 10’ rule that they love to break. They do have access to our computer but it is password protected and we limit their time online. They do, somehow, have access to Twitter via cell phone but they don’t have a lot to say in 140 characters. I have a knot in my stomach at the thought of them having full unlimited access online.

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