Do you have a receipt for that?

4 Jan


I don’t normally make New Years resolutions, lets face it after 20 years I’m smart enough to know they are just January to do lists! But, things have got to change around here and it has to be now.

Things are a mess with regards to my paper systems. Most specifically receipts, manuals, basically anything that needs to be filed. So, I set out to find solutions and where else would I turn besides Pinterest!

What does one do with all those manuals you get with every little thing you buy. Historically I have been throwing things away, but twice now I have not only needed to find the manual but the receipt from 3 years ago too. Did I have any luck? Absolutely not!! Then I came accross an idea for my manuals and receipts for big purchases on pinterest. It is so simple, as is everything on there really, isn’t it…but anyway, it said to get a big binder, dividers (one for each letter of the alphabet and page protectors. When you make a purchase, staple the receipt to the manual and put it in the binder under the corresponding letter. It didn’t say this on pinterest, but I also plan on making an index page because I have been known to not be able to remember if I’ve filed it under The Home Depot, Home Depot or air filter. So an index with date, store and description will help with that hopefully.

Secondly, I desperately need to do something about receipts for my kids clothes. I try so hard to keep the receipts and have good intentions, but after awhile they get crammed up in my wallet and I get so frustrated I go on a purge and throw them all away. Would you believe I have one friend who’s wallet got so big with receipts she couldn’t even close it? I think Im scared to turn into that that I just throw them away to spite her!

But twice this week alone I have been caught wanting to return a purchase and unable to find the receipt. Most times I can still make the return, but often it’s at the most recent discounted price and not what I have paid originally. Is that financially responsible? Nope. So I aim to get a grip on this. I have a filing cabinet that could come in useful I am thinking or I will try a binder as well. I am just trying to work out if I should keep by date, store, child, or whatever so that I can effectively find it when I need it.

I actually did try out an app that was supposed to help with this called ShoeBox. I never fully utilized it so I am not 100% sure of its capabilities, but what little I did use it for, I think it may work for these purchases. If not, or maybe in tandem with until I see if it fits my needs, I will probably use some sort of binder for these as well.

An easy system right? well, aren’t they all in the end. Its just about getting organized and following the system. Wish me luck!


One Response to “Do you have a receipt for that?”

  1. kjficker January 4, 2013 at 9:06 am #

    To add to that idea of the binder, I also saw on Pinterest the idea of using the plastic photo sleeves to keep things neat and tidy in your binder like manuals. I started to do that with my messy recipe book, and I love it.

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