Mother in law breaks a hip

28 Dec

On Dec 13 my mother in law fell outside her home and broke her hip. Since then she has had surgery to repair, was brought out to our local hospital and has now went home on her own. A lot of eventfulness in 2 weeks hey?! Im happy to say she is coming along. Slowly of course, she is 72 after all, but nonetheless she is coming along.

This was a real eye opener and reality check for me. Up until now it was very easy to forget her age. She was quite active in her everyday life and extremely active in helping with the kids. In fact she was a huge help with my littlest one while I am attending school and now sadly, that will change.

While she was a huge help to us and we are extremely grateful for that, it saddens me more to know that my youngest will not experience her like my oldest were able to. This woman is old school grandma. She spoiled my two oldest and was always there for them. If we needed her, no matter what she was doing she was more than willing to cancel to look after the kids. When they needed something, she gladly got up and did it for them. She cuddled them at night, held them through many sick times and was my sons loudest fan at hockey games.

While all that is not gone, once healed she will still be able to resume attending their various events if desired, the fact that she can not right now look after a 2 year old anymore is not unlikely to change. Two year olds are busy and three year olds are even busier. Even when she recovers to walking on her own again, Im not fully convinced it will be to the capacity to taking care of the little one. And that makes me sad for both of them. They will have a different relationship, one I’m sure will be special in its own, but one that is certainly different.

On the flip side, its a real learning experience for the older two as well and a great opporunity to teach them about caring for the elderly. I’m reminding them of how much Grandma has done for them in the past and now its our turn to take care of her. The messes they would make at her house that she would just insist they leave and she would clean it up later, will now be their responsibility to clean. So yesterday my daughter washed and dried the dishes and my son vacuumed the floor.

Certainly going to be a game changer around here, but the important thing is that she takes the time she needs and works on her recovery, whatever that may be.


2 Responses to “Mother in law breaks a hip”

  1. Teri December 28, 2012 at 4:00 pm #

    My own mother is getting up there in age, and where she used to be free to run around, babysit, shop, etc. she is now tied to an oxygen unit due to COPD. No longer able to just get up and go, she is easily depressed and feels tied to her apartment. Yet she is unwilling to pack up and move in with one of us, her children, as she still retains that fierce sense of independence. So hard to watch the aging process knowing how active and vibrant she once was.

    • myjampackedlife December 29, 2012 at 9:09 am #

      it is so hard to watch. I hope she can get back to a degree of mobility that doesn’t leave her house ridden at least.

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