It’s not all bad.

5 Dec


Last week I shared with you all, a post that was emotional and raw and was hard to share. I received a lot of comments, private and on the blog, that were a good reminder of why it is important to open up to others. Thank you for your kind words, it really helps to hear positive thoughts.
As necessary as it was was to share my bad day, it’s equally as important to share what goodness the last year has brought as well. As much as those bad days hurt, there are many more positive days to make up for it.
This past year has taught us a lot and helped us grow and for that we are thankful too. When I look back to last year and think of where I thought I would be, I’m very pleased to say that we are doing much better as a family than I had anticipated.
First of, the house is running more efffectively and efficiently than it has in a long time. There is more communication between myself and my husband and between us and the children. The kids are chipping in and helping with more chores than they probably would have had I been there every day after school.
The kids are taking a part their schedules by keeping track of what day it is and where they go on what days. They are learning about the phone and how and who to make the calls to when they need a ride. They are making their way around town together and have accepted their new responsibilities openly. We are really proud of them and knowing we can trust them and know they are capable of handling responsibility has made us proud.
I am proud of myself too for all I’ve done in the past year. Going back to school is a challenge in and of itself, but there is so much more than just the academics that I am proud of myself for. Every day I I spend 8 hours in a class with 20 people I don’t know, who are all younger than me. This has been interesting to say the least. But its also been very eye opening and has taught me alot about what i am thankful for in life. I always thought of myself as a little shy in groups and that I lacked self confidence. But now I see things differently. I participate in class discussions openly and am not scared to be vocal, even if I’m not sure if my answer is correct.

One of the many things I’ve learned, is that while I enjoy joining large groups and participating in large groups, I am really more comfortable with a smaller sized group. When I am with a large group, I seem to be happy to allow the most vocal and “leader” make the plans and I will happily contribute. When I’m in a smaller group, I’m more likely to be the one tossing the ideas around and am comfortable taking on more

So this year hasn’t all been bad. I have bad days, but I have a lot of good days too. That’s life, right?!


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