Unsent letter to facebook friend #201

30 Oct

Dear friend:

If you wish to have your life private and not to be judged, you will need to stop writing about every little bump in the road, getting engaged, calling off the wedding, breaking up and getting back together repeatedly over the last month. Respect your privacy as you wish us to do for you as well. If you value your privacy so little by feeling the need to get everyone involved, please don’t be surprised when those moments when you do not want people all up in your business, that they still are.



One Response to “Unsent letter to facebook friend #201”

  1. Mo' Money Mo' Houses (@momoneymohouses) October 31, 2012 at 1:54 pm #

    Yikes! Though I know a few people like this. I just don’t think Facebook is the right place to air out all your dirty laundry but I guess some people disagree.

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