Busier is better

27 Sep

I’m a good month into school now and while I thought things would be crazy, which they are, I was prepared for a lot worse. People are always asking how its going and suprisingly its going pretty good. I’m the type of person that the busier I am, the more efficient I am, so the house has been running very efficiently.

Meal Planning

Meal planning has probably been the biggest time saver and sanity saver for me. I plan out weekly meals on Sundays and I have been posting them to the blog with links to the recipes. So when it comes time to prepare the meal, I can just click on the link instead of searching for each individual recipe. Sundays is when I gather all the groceries for the meals and if there is meat that needs to be cooked or prepared, that is when I will do that also. A friend has recommended a good app for meal planning that she has been using so I will be checking that our and will do a quick review as well.

Chore Charts

I made the kids nice chore charts that I found on pinterest and have been using that to keep them on track with what they need to do to help out. They’ve been great about making their beds and doing the assigned chores so far. With all the activities starting up now, time is even more crunched at home. It seems like I get home and we have such a tight schedule during the week it leaves no room for spontaneity, like supper with friends or family. So when the weekend comes, we just chill and relax and have zero schedule. Until Sunday evening when we get geared up again.

To do Lists

I have always made to do lists for myself so this isn’t new, but now with all the various things going through my head it is even more essential. If something doesn’t get written down there is a good chance it will be 2 weeks until I think of it again. Once its on the list, I will usually make an effort to attack it before the list gets too long. This is really the most important adjustment that I have made. When I had ample time to get my to do list done, there were things that would sit and wait for days because I just didn’t feel like doing it right then, whereas now, I know I should get it done because by the end of the week there will be 15 more things on it.

Laundry and household chores
Instead of saving up all the laundry and powering through it twice a week, I now throw a load in every night and switch it over in the morning before I leave. This means I have a load to fold and put away every night, but the kids know to put away their clothes thanks to the chore charts. I find myself tackling a small project if I have a few minutes to spare. The other day for example, I wiped down the kitchen cupboards while waiting for supper to cook. Every minute of the day is used.

Even this blog is running more efficiently nowadays. Well, with the exception of last week but in my defense I had 2 exams and came down with a cold that left me wanting sleep and nothing else. For the most part though, I am using my lunches to relax in the library and read and comment on blogs. I never had that alone time before to focus. Sunday I try to write two to three posts which I scribble on paper all week during class mostly (oops) and get things schedule for during the week so I’m not in any crunch to produce content when school is in session.

Probably the biggest challenge for me, and it goes hand in hand with what i just said about the to do lists, is to not procrastinate. I really like to procrastinate. There is something about concentrating and working hard and fast to complete something that I enjoy, much more so than taking my time and doing little bits and pieces over a long time. With my schedule so jam packed right now it seems like everything is due right away and I feel like I’m running out of time for everything.

This is how I prefer to run and operate so it’s been working. I’m sure by Christmas I will be ready for a break and a breakdown. As long as I stay focused on each individual day and not look to far down the road and get discouraged, I think I will be fine. Some people are better busier, and I guess that is me.



One Response to “Busier is better”

  1. makinthebacon$ October 1, 2012 at 6:26 pm #

    I like to be busy too. I’m definitely a list maker and nothing gives me great satisfaction but crossing that task off my list once it is completed. I’ve started to plan meals on Sundays as well. I’d rather slow things down on Sundays, but I know my busy self during the week will be thankful for the already prepared food.

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