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19 Sep

I originally wrote this post on tuesday night, ready to be published Thursday morning. Then, as it has happened to me so many times before, I find another blog post with the same topic that either reinforces my thoughts or sets me straight. Today that blog post was from Jessica who writes at Four Plus An Angel. I’ll let you go ahead and read my original post first.

I hit a bit of a rough patch this weekend and don’t want to dwell too much on it, but need to get it off my chest and release it.

Someone had some not very encouraging words to say about my daughter and was kind enough to say them to me directly. I guess its one of those situations where you can say “if you’re gonna say it behind my back, say it to my face”. Only it doesn’t feel so good to hear it to your face.

What really bothered me about it, was two things:

1. I couldn’t help but be taken back to when I was a young girl myself and all the struggles we face as little girls. Having been through all that first hand, as a mom, we always hope and pray it won’t happen to our girls. I don’t actually know what is harder – going through it or watching her go through it all over again.

2. Don’t write my daughter off because of a few things you don’t like. There’s an amazing girl in there with so much more to offer. Someday when she finds her groove, it will shine through and you will be proven wrong.

Its not that I disagreed with any of the statements she said, believe me, I know, if there is one person who knows my daughter is harder to get along with than some, its me. I don’t deny that, never have and never will. I have always been honest about the struggles I have with her. Her and I are two peas in a pod. When she is angry, its my temper is what comes spewing out (which is lovely to watch, by the way). When she’s frustrated, her impatience completely mirrors my own.
Those are things I can’t change. Those are the things that make our story what it is.

So, like it or not, this is OUR story. Its not for you to judge, its not for you to evaluate, because despite all that, and because of all that, I am still her mother and love her 100% for who she is now and who she will become and I will never falter on that.

Now, you should go check out her post here. Suddenly my crazy daughter and our crazy life together is put into perspective. It’s our life. Our. Life. Together. And nothing else matters.


One Response to “Moms perspective”

  1. Teri September 20, 2012 at 4:29 am #

    I had a very similar issue with my own oldest spawn Tuesday night, and while I didn’t blog about that particular incident, I DID write a scathing email to my bestie, just to get it off my chest. It was then that I read Jessica’s blog about Hadley, and I lost it. I cried, I sent it to my best friend and told her I felt like a complete idiot for even bitching about my issues with 15 when Jessica won’t ever have that issue with Hadley. Truly puts things into perspective.


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