Weekly Wrap Sept 14, 2012

16 Sep

LinkLuv Friday

In case you missed the wealth of information I’ve shared over the past week, I’ll list them for you again:

  • Monday I posted my observations on groups that have formed within the class.
  • Tuesday I posted what for me, turned into the biggest post of my blogging career to date. It was an unsent letter to parents. I received so many comments, from new and old, and my Facebook page doubled the number of likes (which isn’t like 100 to 200 or anything but it was substantial to me) so yay! Thanks and welcome. I’ve enjoyed everyone esle’s Unsent letters so much and am really happy I decided to write my own.
  • No wordless Wednesday for me this week, but Wednesday was a big day as it was the first day I wore my scrubs!!

I love my commenters more than they know. There is nothing more satisfying than hearing a response to something you’ve written to make it all worthwhile. So I return the love by letting everyone know who’s talking with me and who they should recruit to follow them.

non blogger Melanie, maybe she should start!!

Jeremy @ Modest Money

Sorry Kid Your Mom Doesnt Play Well with Others


Teri @ Snarkfest who I have to thank for pimping me out with that post as Im sure she played a huge roll in all the new FB followers. Check her out if you got a bit of a snarky side too.

Michelle @ See Debt Run

Hollow Tree Ventures

Fabulously Frugirl

Jessica @ Mo’ MoneyMo’ Houses

Bog of Debt

My Favorite PF Posts of the Week. Check them all out if you can, there are some really great ones that Im sure you will enjoy too.

open letters, much like my unsent letter are so amusing to me. Musings of an Abstract Auklander has a whole series. check them out here they are great. Also if we are staying on Unsent letters Andrea from So Over This has written many and was actually my inspiration. She also wrote a good post about how she managed to find her iphone from thousands of miles away.

Bog of debt rants about some pet peeves. we’ve all got ’em. Lets all write about them this week.

makin the bacon is off to Peru this week for some hiking. I wanted to mention her because we obviously have the same tastes as our blog themes are the same!!

Over at See Debt Run Jeff was on his own for a bit while wifey was off at FinCon. He shares some stories of the kids while she’s away.

And lastly I need to mention Cait @ Blondeonabudget who took a new job and is on the move back to Toronto where her journey started in the first place.

A few of my favorite Family posts for the week:

The hubs posted a well timed post for myself and others as hockey season and other sports get ready to kick off again. I too, become a wierd sports fanatic when the game starts. i don’t even really like hockey that much and I don’t even really care if they win or not. but somehow i am overcome with yelling at the rink. Thanks for the reminder.

Also on the theme of sports and getting kids involved Robin @RobinsChicks has a good post about kids who choose not to play and that is OK too. This is also good timing for me as I was a bit frustrated the other day at my sons lack of willingness to join anything, even though all his friends around him are. I am a joiner so its hard for that reason alone, but I also don’t want him missing out on anything. She gave me a different way to look at it and I needed that.

Im totally addicted to Pinterest right now so I must add a Bulls Eye Pin of the Week

Quiet books – why have I not heard of these before. was going to try and make on myself for my daughter for xmas, but looked around on Etsy and think I will just order one from there. She is going to love it!!

See everyone next week. Same time, Same place


2 Responses to “Weekly Wrap Sept 14, 2012”

  1. Mo' Money Mo' Houses (@momoneymohouses) September 20, 2012 at 11:08 pm #

    Thanks for the link love! Bah I’m a frickin’ week late. Sorry!

  2. Michelle/Jefferson @ See Debt Run September 17, 2012 at 9:00 am #

    Thanks, Crystal! My favorite part of Jeff being a SAHD? He texted me and said “wow, your day job is hard.” 🙂

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