Weekly Wrap Sept 9, 2012

8 Sep

LinkLuv Friday

In case you missed the wealth of information I’ve shared over the past week, I’ll list them for you again:

First I started menu planning with my ever increasing busy life and here is my first weeks menu complete with recipes. I will say that the tomatoes were by far THE best thing I’ve tried in a long long time!!

Next I posted a quick review for what school has costed me so far.

Of course, my wordless wednesday photo…goodbye to a great summer.

And lastly, I wrote about my addiction to crystal meth…kind of..and was pleasantly suprised to see I am not alone.

I love my commenters more than they know. There is nothing more satisfying than hearing a response to something you’ve written to make it all worthwhile. So I return the love by letting everyone know who’s talking with me and who they should recruit to follow them.

Jeremy @ Modest Money

jessica @ Mo’Money Mo’ Houses

Erika@ Fromshoppingtosaving

That looks really sad, doesn’t it???

My Favorite PF Posts of the Week. Check them all out if you can, there are some really great ones that Im sure you will enjoy too.

Well Heeled Blog. Being a returning student myself, I am also starting to feel the pressure a bit. I also doing a monthly series where I will track the expense associated with school. Check out my first month post here.

Cait from Blonde on a Budget gave a quick update on the keynote speaker from FinCon. It talked about the reasons why you blog. Like her, this is just a hobby for me. It will never be a full time gig nor do I want it to be. Teaser for a post this week?? i think so.

Jeff from See Debt Run is at home with the baby while Michelle is off at FinCon. I think they are both getting a great opportunity. Looking forward to hearing about FinCon from Michelle.

Daisy from When Life Gives You Lemons talked about how to not be a pushover. I need to hear these things from time to time.

Andrea from So Over This is off to FinCon but has a great guest post from Kim at Eyes on the Dollar. They take an interesting look at smoking and vices and the costs and risks. We all have vices that we do for different reasons. As long as our bills are paid and we aren’t soaking the government for handouts, should we be allowed to have these without judgement?

Bog of Debt  had a great discussion about the jealousy we all feel where others money is concerned. I admit, I suffer from this at times, but especially as our finances grow more leary, it is happening so much more.

Lipstick Margaritas and Hairspray  had a really hilarious post about a live chicken delivery gone terribly wrong!!

A few of my favorite Family posts for the week:

Mrs Monologues gives a sneak peek at her fall lineup of new and returning shows. Glad to see we watch pretty much the same thing and always, ALWAYS, DVR or we don’t watch. seriously, when will the industry wake up and realize noone is watching commercials anymore.

Your Doctors Wife got felt up this week by someone she was least expecting.

Jenn at People I Want to Punch in the Throat is struggling to get her kids to believe she isn’t really interested in their toys when they are gone. I mean, what else do we do when the kids leave, right?

Im totally addicted to Pinterest right now so I must add a Bulls Eye Pin of the Week:

See everyone next week. Same time, Same place


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