Month 1 school expenses

4 Sep

Week one was a big week with tuition and books of course. I did pay my tuition on full, but am holding back on the textbooks until I know if I really need them.
Monday Aug 20 tuition 4875.72
Books, private buy of used books and Internet rental=225+66.79
Course manuals and supplies from school bookstore=53.50
Gas 55+65=120
Yogurt at cafeteria=1.65
Adding family onto medical and dental plan=545.00
Total cost=5887.66

Week two
Gas 60+55=110
Tim hortons French vanilla Capp=1.85
Tim hortons frozen lemonade=1.05
Daycare= 25.00 (kids with grandma’s for these first two weeks, so just sitter for one day)

Total costs week two=137.90

August = $6025.56


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