Sunday Meal Plan Sept 2

2 Sep

Busy week this week. Tuesday – bottle drive at 5 for Swim club for the kids, dance registration as well, Wednesday and Thursday Dance classes are starting for daughter, meeting Thursday evening for the after school program. Plus drop off items for consignment sale.
On the long weekend I carved out about an hour to plan the whole months menu and prepare a shopping list to go with that as well. I’m hoping this makes our first month of full time school for us go a little more smoothly.

Monday – holiday traveling. Eat on the go
Tuesday – slow cooker salisbury steak with mashed potatoes
Wednesday – zucchini and mozza stuffed chicken breasts. Tomato Parmasean slices
Thursday – skinny chicken and broccoli alfredo
Friday – Baked sweet and sour chicken with fried rice

Posting this with the links will also be very useful as I prepare supper every night as well. I’m starting to see many benefits to this after all!!

Of course there will be left overs throughout the week which I have made the allowance for the kids to eat if they aren’t particularly thrilled with the supper on any given evening.

Once I get the whole shopping trip done, I will post receipts and let everyone know what the monthly bill came to for September. Lots of meat to buy and I have really no idea what to expect but I’m going to set a goal of $250.00. I hope that is reasonable.


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