Things I learned living in 300 square feet

28 Aug

This summer we downsized our living quarters from 1500 down to 300 square feet. That’s quite a bit of space that we lost. Living at the lake out of our camper was eye opening and insightful to say the least. Here is what I learned along the way about both space and lake living.

  1. We seriously underestimate the value of outdoor space. Yes we only had 300 square feet of indoor living space but we had unlimited outdoor space and believe it or not, we actually used it. I say that because when we were at home and it was hot and sunny out, guess where we were. Indoors. With the air conditioning on. We could have just as easily been at the pool or park but sadly we weren’t.
  2. One teenie tiny bathroom is manageable. And cleanable. Going from 3 down to one little one, while not ideal for anything, served it purpose and I found I didn’t even mind taking 10 minutes to clean it top to bottom every week.
  3. Everything we eat in summer is cookable on a BBQ. From meat to veggies to rice to dessert. All of it.
  4. There are an abundance of ways to cook potatoes.
  5. Bedrooms are overrated. We had 1 bedroom but many places to sleep. Give someone a flat surface with a cushion and blanket and they can and will sleep great.
  6. With limited hot water available at one time, showers can be very efficient.
  7. Hotdogs can be eaten repeatedly throughout the week and no one complains.
  8. Beer and clam at 2pm is actually considered late in the day.
  9. One cupboard full of dishes is enough for a summer.
  10. My 2 year old can sleep through so much more than I ever gave her credit for. Not only that, she will sleep anywhere as well.

While I wouldn’t want to live like that all year long, or maybe I would as there is a lot of benefits to being outside all day long with a toddler (think potty training, spills, eating…) it certainly was surprising to see how little “things” we actually needed this summer. Heck, even clothing was worn multiple days, switched backwards, inside out, hand washed roughly in the sink and dried on a line ready to have the process repeated.

We live in a climate where good outside weather is so rare and valuable. This is the first summer since I was a young child myself that I really felt I used it to its full advantage. Its no wonder people love the lake and lake living.


2 Responses to “Things I learned living in 300 square feet”

  1. Mo' Money Mo' Houses (@momoneymohouses) August 28, 2012 at 1:08 pm #

    That sounds like a fun summer!


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