Living under a dictatorship.

27 Aug





Living under a dictatorship for the past 2(ish?) months has been really hard and really draining. It’s exhausting to be summoned at all hours, to be expected to jump out of bed 1 minute after opening your eyes and respond to orders IMMEDIATELY, to be expected to drop what you’re doing and come hither in a heartbeat. This ones got a tone that would make anyone quiver and a holler that instantly makes you stand up straight and ready to respond with a firm “Sir, Yes, Sir”

Who, you may ask, has recently moved in with me. My mother in law? Nah, she’s too gentle and kind hearted to raise her voice to anyone let alone me.

My own mom? No. She knows I’ll put her in a home if she terrorizes me too early in life.

So who? Who is this unruly dictator? I will show you.

Please don’t let the smile and button nose fool you too.

Yup, that’s right, my sweet baby girl.

She’s turned into a 2 year old in every sense of the word. I won’t even say that it happened over night. I think it’s been slowly building for quite some time now. You know, at first they learn to talk but not in full sentences and you’re so thrilled with it all that “Want Milk” seems brilliant. To encourage them to keep talking we eagerly jump up and do what they’ve demanded asked for because at that time, let’s face it, anything is better than the squealing or grunting we’ve been listening to so far.

Next you start repeating their cute little antics back to them and laugh and giggle because really, isn’t it cute when they are so gruff and husky and straight to the point. So the response becomes a deep “Mommy get milk” and it is so fun to be communicating with your child!

Well, next thing you know, 6 months later she’s now got a fully functioning vocabulary that she’s using to order us around.

And she’s smart too. Just when she senses we’ve had enough of the bossiness, she reals us back in with a cute, soft and sweet “mommy….can I have some milk please?”. And my heart melts. She’s getting it. She’ll be OK. So, off I go to get her her milk only to be greeted with a “NO, I WANT JUICE” when I get back to her. The dictator returns.

I fall for it every time.

Having the luxury of surviving this stage with two others, I do know that this phase will pass. But, it’s exhausting and I’m older now and not really enjoying it the third time around. It had better end soon or I may have to ship her off to military school sooner than I thought.

She’ll fit in nicely as their newest drill Sargeant I’m sure. This one is a tough one!!


3 Responses to “Living under a dictatorship.”

  1. Amber September 13, 2013 at 12:25 pm #

    Crystal, well I now realize how important our “girl weekends” are. I have never really realized what it was like for your all to just get away and tend to nobody but yourself nevermind getting to do it with great friends! I can’t wait till our next trip!

    • myjampackedlife September 16, 2013 at 9:32 pm #

      Absolutely. Those once I had kids, those weekends became even more priceless to me. They were a chance to be the young girl free from responsibility all over agin. It’s not easy as a mom to get away, but its really important to take that time. I always came back refreshed and renewed. And with memories that will carry me past my child raising years.


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