This must be what life is like with no grandparents around…….

16 Aug

Where have I been, people have been asking. Well, I’m here and there, but nowhere really.
We were lucky enough to get a seasonal site this summer and have been spending weeks on end at the lake. Yes, that’s right, 5 people living in a 300 square foot trailer for most of the past 6 weeks. And if that isn’t enough, we have been lucky enough to have visitors! Some stay for the day, others stay over night. So, that is now 7 people in a 300 square foot space? Yup, that types out as crazy as it has been.
For the most part we have had a great summer. This is definitely a summer where we’ve made a lot of memories, grown closer and spent the most time together ever. I actually haven’t had one day, not ONE day, this summer where I have had no children!! With two sets of grandparents in the same town, I think that’s the longest stretch ever and believe me I am feeling it. But with school starting for myself next week, I’m also very thankful for every minute that we have had together this summer.
So anyways, with space limited, there has been literally nowhere to hide to focus on writing a blog post. These kids are everywhere and they are über concerned when they haven’t said my name or needed me to do something for them every 4 minutes, apparently. Add in the fact that the only electronic device we have to share between the 5 of us is the iPad. Oh yeah, baby M whose 2, has already made it known that she also NEEDs the iPad.
Also factor in a terrible Internet connection that has been incredibly slow up here and you have a recipe for not reading, commenting or posting blog posts. I think about it every day and have actually written a few down on regular paper (remember paper?), so once I get myself, my iPad and my time back to me, I should have a few posts ready to go.
Well, the timer is dinging telling me my turn is up so I gotta hit publish before someone swipes it.


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