National Anti-Boredom month

23 Jul

Did you know that July is National Anti-Boredom month? Seems fitting, since when are our kids the most likely to be bored? July. There is no school, no routines, and not many scheduled activities take place over the summer months.

When I was working, summer meant still getting up every day to get ready to go to daycare. Much like school. Only now their friends usually weren’t around, and at the very least, not everyone all together all the time like at school. Now that I am home they get a bit of relief from the norm. The first few weeks are happy for them as they get to sleep in, lounge around in their pj’s till noon and catch up on a years worth of TV. Then the boredom sets in and I hear the phrase “I’m bored” about 20 times a day.

Planning daily outings can add up over the summer so finding activities that are free or inexpensive is a must. Living in a rural community with a limited amount of options makes it twice as hard. When I start to hear they are bored, I will plan a few days worth of activities for them. Once we spend a few days in a row doing some scheduled activities they are usually ready for a day or two of free play time again.
Below is a few of the ideas we use beat the boredom bandwagon. Most can be done around town, but sometimes a change of scenery is nice too and we will make the trip into the city. Even though we spend on gas to get there, there is plenty of free options to access once we are there.

  1. Running through the sprinklers
  2. Camps – daycamps, sport camps, overnite camps
  3. Picnic lunches and play time in the park
  4. Swimming at the pool
  5. Movies – rented and theatres
  6. Spray pools/parks
  7. Mini golf
  8. Play dates with friends
  9. Sidewalk painting
  10. Baking day

Before you know it summer is winding down and it’s time to start preparing for the new school year and the start of activities again. And then suddenly, the phrase “I’m bored” and the slowness of summer is something you wish you could hear for a few more weeks.


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