15 Jul

Here I am again participating in another blog hop, so if you’ve stopped by for that welcome and I hope you will take the time to read a few of my favorite posts.

My first post ever was a very real, raw and emotional confession the day before I was laid off. I had no readers or followers so I wrote from the heart for me. It ended up being a great start to blogging with a lot of positive feedback and comforting comments.

I have found a lovely personal finance community that I love to read about and have even mustered up the courage to try to write about. For moms out there I recommend the costs of children’s activities and how to get the government to pay for your child’s education.

And lastly, my favorite post below, originally published back in March but wanted to bring back for Nostalgic Sundays. Hope you enjoy them all and welcome again to all the new readers.

 Oops..he did it again!!

Jacob: “Mom, do you have more ambition than good sense?”

Internally I panic. What does he mean? Why is he asking? What has he seen? What has he heard? No problem I think, I can handle this. Finally I say, “I think so Jacob. Why do u ask?”

Jacob replies “oh, I just wanted to use ambition in a sentence.”

Clearly….I do not then! Was just an 8 year old question, why do I keep falling for this….



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