Help a momma out $1000 scholarship

6 Jul

I have found a great contest to enter if you a mom blogger or are thinking of becoming a mom blogger.

Head on over to Assistance for Single Mothers Here to the find out all the details of the contest, but basically they will select one random entry to be the winner. The winner will receive $1000 to put towards developing their blog. They will also put the winner in touch with some resources so they will be able to most effectively use that money.

If you are anything like me and still trying to figure out what is really going on here, then a little extra cash for development will take some of the pressure off.

In return for winning the money, they would like to study you and study your journey to help inspire others to take the plunge and to show others that you can actually earn money for creating a blog.

Sounds pretty simple to me. Entering is easy. There are a variety of ways to earn entries, mostly by liking and sharing and subscribing. Head on over and check it out if you are a mom of at least one and would like a chance to be entered in the contest.

I hope I win!!


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