Grocery deals June 25

29 Jun

Last night my husband and I made a trip into the city for supplies and birthday gifts for my daughter. Along with that, I had a list of groceries for the lake. Prior to going in, I went through our local store flyers and wrote down prices of the things on my list. Once again, I was glad I didn’t buy into the notion that big stores are always better. Here’s what I found. My local Super A Foods is in black and Walmart is listed in blue.

Marshmallows 2/$4.00  vs $2.97/bag

Quaker granola bars $2.00 vs $2.97 (though in the new flyer they are on rollback to $2.00 now)

Salad dressing 2/$5 vs $3.27

Chip Dip (philadelphia) 2/$5 vs $2.97 each

Grimms Pepperoni sticks $4.98 with instore coupon vs $8.97 (ouch!)

Baked Old Dutch chips 2/$7.00 vs $3.67 each (i chose to purchase at walmart due to limiting selection in our local store)

Christie Crackers are still on sale for 3/$7 and buy 3 get 1 free working out to $1.75 per box. Walmart does have them on sale right now as well, but only at $2.00/box.

Happy long weekend everyone. Stock up on your favorite lake items at the cheapest place you can find!




2 Responses to “Grocery deals June 25”

  1. Modest Money June 29, 2012 at 1:14 pm #

    Nice job with the price comparisons. Lots of people just assume certain stores are cheaper and will just go ahead and buy anything on ‘sale’. Now you got me craving smores though! I keep resisting getting those smores kits they have in stores now. Oh but it would be so tasty! I’m really missing sugar after cutting it out of my diet big time.

    • myjampackedlife June 29, 2012 at 1:51 pm #

      it really is just about knowing your prices and doing comparisons. the bog box stores count on you not paying attention and picking whatever they’ve got a cool “rollback” sign on.
      Camping weekend for us so there will probably be s’mores. We use chocolate cookies to make them, thus eliminating a step. Pretty sure you can’t get a sugar free version of it at all though. What are some of your sugar free “treats”. that would be an interesting post, well, I would find it interesting…

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