The mystery of Twisted Tea

27 Jun

Nothing says summer more than sippin’ on a cool iced tea while sitting outside enjoying the hot weather. But wouldn’t it be great if that same iced tea provided a little extra kick? If so, then Twisted Tea is exactly what you are looking for.

If you haven’t heard of Twisted Tea, I’ll assume you are either a non drinker or you live under a rock. This is the hottest item in all the liquor stores and anywhere alcohol is sold, in our area at least! Our local vendor can not keep this product on the shelf. My husband has developed a strong liking for this product and is searching every liquor store in our area to find some for summer. No matter where we stop, we are told the same thing. “Sorry, I can’t keep it in stock” or “Sorry, it sells out almost immediately after I get it in.”

Everyone we know is going crazy for this product and believe me, its not my intention to feed into that frenzy by writing about it here. I’ve been of legal drinking age for 16 years now and have never witnessed one product be in as high demand as this product is this year. If their marketing strategy is to make us all go crazy searching for this product, it’s working!!!!

I looked up the product on their website and was shocked to discover it has been in production since 2001. It hit our radar for the first time last summer. And that was only due to a friend, who travelled to British Columbia and tasted it out there and brought some home with him, that we became aware of it. I contacted the company and was told it’s essentially an Iced Tea beer. They brew a malt base with the same grains that are in beer and then add real tea leaves to it. It comes in 8 different flavors including raspberry, blueberry, half and half, sweetened tea, light and sun-tea style. We have only been able to find the original flavor and weren’t even aware it came in any different flavors until I went to the website. Our tastebuds are awakened and we hoping they will roll out the other flavors soon, however, right now only the original is available in our area.

We love it in our area so if you haven’t tried it, you need to. And if you have tried it and love it, are you as “twisted” up trying to get your hands on some of it as we are????


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