Happy Mother’s Day to my mothers

13 May

As Mother’s day approaches, I was thinking about how lucky I am to be a mother to my kids and was thinking about all the ways my mother has influenced me over the years. This year this is especially evident to me in three distinctive ways:

My love of writing

My mother has always been a book lover and reads nonstop. She enjoys mostly mysteries but reads a wide variety from biographies to informational to magazines. My mom and dad also own a newspaper business where my mom writes a weekly column and is also responsible for writing editorials. My whole life has been surrounded by books and writing. Fast forward to present day and the 2 have come together in the creation of this blog.

The importance of education

Aside from having expectations of me and for me where education is concerned, she has also been one to lead by example. I can remember when I was just 16 and i would travel with her while she took a journalism class at the university near us. I watched her complete assignments and listen to her talk about her class. At the time, i probably wondered why she would bother with all that. But now years later as I realize she saw need to further educate herself and make her better at what she loved to do. She loves to learn whether its for personal growth or professional development. As I prepare to return to school this fall myself, I can only hope my children will be watching and in the years to come, understand the value I place on education what and it can do for you, both professionally and personally.

Personal Finance

I first learned about finances and money from my mom. As a child, I would sit at the kitchen table with her and watch balance her cheque book. I probably never really understood the whole concept, and she never went into detail about the numbers, just went about her business while i watched. She is also the one who took an interest in personal finance first. She joined a group of ladies and set out learning about investing on their own. She keeps an eye on what is going on in that area in a way I haven’t gotten into yet, but when i hear about something or have an idea regarding finance, I run it by her. Sometimes we agree and sometimes we don’t. I love that its a subject we can share together and bounce ideas off each other.

If you add combine these three areas that are front and centre for me this year, you’ve pretty much got the makings of this blog and can understand why I chose to pursue another field of training after my recent layoff. It would be wonderful if this blog were to become all i needed to carry on financially, but in case that never happens, I will continue with the education to fall back on.

I am very blessed to have not only one wonderful mother but to have 2 wonderful mothers in my life. My mother-in-law is also the best. She’s older and truly old school with her kids. No matter what she is doing, when they call on her, she drops everything and is there to help. When we poured cement last year, there she was, 70 years old, hauling wheel barrels of cement and shovelling gravel. She’s been such a huge part in helping raising my kids. Without her and her help, I don’t know how i would do it. She took them when they were sick and I couldn’t get a day off work. She looks after them without hardly any notice and is the loudest cheerer in the stands. Now that they are in school, she feeds them lunch everyday. I know my kids are getting a true grandmother experience from her. She gives them whatever they need, whether she feels like doing it for them or not. She would never say no to them and risk them going without. Her kindness and giving attitude can be seen in different ways in each of my kids. We are truly blessed to have her in our lives.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers out there!! Enjoy your day.


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