Gold Party SK review

8 May

Hosting a home party is always a lot of fun. Getting together with friends you don’t get to see as often as you’d like and having all your closest friends in the same room at the same time is a great way to spend an evening. The problem with home parties is that nowadays there are so many and they all want you to come out and spend money. Sure, you can entice guests with discounts and specials but wouldn’t it be nice if someone would just pay you to come to the party for a change?

Welcome to GoldParty Canada. That is exactly what they do. They pay your guests for any unwanted, tangled, mismatched, broken items. Guests are encouraged to bring in anything they think may be of value and are interested in selling. After a quick evaluation, if it passes the inspection, they will be offered cash on the spot. Thats it. Gold party keeps your junk, you take their money and everyone goes away happy.

The process itself is very simple and straightforward. The consultants set up at the table and the guests all gathered around. One by one they guests brought out their treasures. The first step was to run a magnet over the pieces to determine whether or not it was, in fact, authentic gold. If it stuck to the magnet, it was determined to not be real. If it didn’t, it went on for further testing. This was an interesting step, because some of what people thought was not real, ended up being real and in a not so funny way, some of the things they thought were real, ended up being imitation.

The next step was to determine the pieces purity. The jewelry was rubbed on a stone and then tested with different strengths of acid. Depending on what happened to the residue, determined the purity. We only had a couple of pieces at my party that were higher than 10K so when we found one, everyone got very excited. The pieces are then sorted by purity, weighed and your payout is calculated based on what gold is trading at that day.

Pieces are sorted based on purity.

Here we have a 14K and 10K selection. These 2 pieces were sold for $160

I had a small group who all knew each other very well, so we were all comfortable allowing everyone to see what we had brought and what our totals were. Each time someone’s total was being calculated a hush would fall in the room while we waited for the number. It was like spinning the big wheel at the fair and waiting to see what you had won. If there was a situation where a guest wanted privacy for whatever reason, another option would be to have a private gold “room” with only the guest and the consultant present while pieces are appraised.

The consultants were very friendly and professional. My guests were very impressed with the fact that if they couldn’t get a good reading for the jewelry, they opted out of purchasing it, rather than risk undervaluing or overvaluing it. The process was done in a transparent, open manner following the same level of scrutiny for each individual piece.

Going in to the party, there was a lot of hesitation and uncertainty, but when asked afterwards what they thought of the party, they were all extremely happy and excited with the results. They all felt it was a welcome change from the usual home parties and couldn’t wait to tell everyone how easily they had just made some extra money.

I had one guest who was unable to attend the party due to the fact that she was having a garage sale. She spent all week preparing items and 2 days working her sale. My guests spent less than an hour going through their supply, were treated to free appetizers and wine and they had made more in 2 hours than she did all weekend!!

If you are interested in making money while spending an evening with friends and hate clutter, I encourage you to visit the website and host a party. Its new, exciting, and offers a great alternative to simply throwing away your unused and unwanted gold pieces. With cold hard cash in your hands at the end of the night, you won’t regret it.


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