Creative ways of funding the “extras”

2 May

April marks the first whole month that I did not earn any monies from working. Kind of. I worked a few days in the last pay period in March and was paid for that on April 6. I took out the full value of that paycheque and that was my spending money for the month. I had quite a few events planned so I knew if I wanted to participate in all of them, I would need to find a way to come up with some extra cash. I wanted to share the creative ways that I was able to come up with.

First off, the kids had a share lent carnival at school in early april which they needed about $10 a piece for to purchase tickets. I could have given them the money, but instead we decided to take in our bottles and cans for recycling. We asked both sets of grandparents as well if they had anything they would like us to take in for them. The kids each ended up with about $15 each, more than enough to cover tickets for the carnival.

My husband and I also celebrate our anniversary in April and in the past have usually went out for a nice supper without the kids. So we were delighted when my parents gave us cash for our anniversary gift this year. We combined that, with a portion of my paycheque money, and were able to enjoy a very nice supper and had a wonderful evening with friends.

I very much wanted to take my daughter for a pedicure on the way to the dance competition. This was pure luxury so I wanted to come up with a way to pay for this without dipping into our household budget. I booked the pedicures at a teaching school so the price was almost half what it would have been at a regular salon. I decided to roll all our change and was thrilled to discover there was enough to cover the cost of both pedicures both plus leave a tip!

The money I received from the Outgrow, Outplay sale I participated in at the end of the month, was put towards paying for the night at the hotel and for covering the costs of our meals along the way to the competition. There was even a little extra for a cheap bottle of wine to enjoy while visiting with friends that night.

So, all the “extra things” we wanted to do in April, we were able to do because we were creative with sources of income. They didn’t cost us any “extra” out of our budget, and because I knew without getting creative, these things may not have taken place, so they meant that much more this year.

I’d love to hear about how you get creative to allow yourselves to enjoy all your “extras”


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