The excitement is building for GoldParty Canada!!

30 Apr

This coming up Saturday is when I will be hosting my GoldParty Canada party!! I am getting more and more excited as it gets closer. I have invited alot of people and their seems to be a lot of interest in coming and checking it out. A few of the older people I have invited, I can tell are quite unsure about it. Im pretty sure they think Im trying to steal all their jewels and money, but I have done all I can to reassure them that they will be leaving with their own money for their own jewelry. I find it hard to get the proper information to them since many of the older generations are not online and I can’t forward them links and blog reviews. So for them, I will be printing out what I can and letting them read it at their own pace. My goal for that generation is to get a few to come out, hopefully they will be happy with what they experience, and spread the word to their friends and circles that way.

For some of the younger and more technologically advanced crowd, I have forwarded the link to the website itself for them to reference and find the necessary information. There have also been a few launch parties already taking place in the province and I have come accross some reviews from those that attended. I will also be sending that out to them as the date gets closer to try and build some excitement that way. One review I think they will find extremely insightful is from Mommy Kat and Kids.  She was fortunate enough to take in one of the launching parties and was very impressed with all aspects of the company and how it is run and operated. She gives people insight as well as to how their jewelry will be handled and the evaluation process that will take place, which is where the majority of the questions I’m being asked are coming from. All that information, combined with a little background on the company, and some thoughts from those already working with GoldParty Canada in other provinces, should be enough to put everyone at ease and allow them to trust in the party.

If both of those methods aren’t enough, I have one last method of seduction. The food and the wine!!! Nobody can resist a ladies night with some scrumptious appetizers, a glass of wine and some long overdue catching up. So, I am appealing to all sides of these people.

I sure hope they are able to come out. I am looking forward to the party and seeing all that this company has to offer, but I am especially looking forward to introducing it to everyone and allowing them the opportunity to be a hostess themselves. All this while hopefully earning a little extra money will be a weekend well spent, I’m sure.


3 Responses to “The excitement is building for GoldParty Canada!!”

  1. Tim May 5, 2012 at 3:06 pm #

    You couldn’t pay me enough to give up my gold. I’m still buying when I can. Gold will continue to climb in price over time. it’s an awesome investment. The food and wine does sound enticing though (lol). Have a great party tonight!

  2. kjficker April 30, 2012 at 10:25 pm #

    I’ll be there! I like the sounds of all of it!

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