Shame on me

26 Apr

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. That is kinda how I feel about this situation. Why do I let myself be duped, time after time?

Here’s the situation: My son’s friend called on Saturday a.m. to say he had left his two nunchuk remotes at our house and could he come get them. I said sure and told my son to go gather them up. He said he could only find 3 in total and he had 2 himself. I told him to look again and look well. My husband even went downstairs to look with him. This is my first fault. Actually thinking 2 sets of male eyes are better than one. They were certain it wasn’t there. The other boy must have only brought over 1.

I went downstairs on to help look for the remote myself. I took the cushions off of one of the couches and my husband tells me “don’t even bother, I’ve already taken them off and looked in the couches” OK. Great. Im 7 minutes away from my ride picking me up for an overnite stay at a dance competition so I really don’t have the time to look everywhere you’ve already looked right now. So, if you say you looked in the couches already, great. I looked somewhere else quickly. I also came up empty handed. Long story short, my husband ends up upset because he thinks I’ve just given away one of my sons remotes and doesn’t believe the other kid actually brought 2 over and why should we have to be the one down a remote.

Fast forward to today. My son comes upstairs and tells me he found the other nunchuk!! I ask “well, where?”. He says “it was in the couch”. Well, now I am laughing so hard. You mean the couch your dad looked in already and claimed it wasn’t there? Yup, that one.

How many times will they search the house for something and SWEAR its not there, only to have me come along and find it within minutes. I have come to believe that a male eyesight is reduced to a pinhole when looking in the refridgerator for something. I have started saying, “you may have to move something”. Still, it doesn’t work. So now, I walk over to fridge and if i see it myself, I play the “Hot, Cold” game. I figure maybe if i do this enough, they might try some of the tricks Im showing them when Im not around.

If i just would have remembered that his looking and my looking don’t mean the same thing, we would have found it right away and avoided the whole situation.

As much as I want to blame him, I also bear some of the blame for believing him once again!


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